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    • Following SPEC test programs are now supported:
        perl (calculating CRC hash of an string)
        bzip2 (compressing a text file which is about 2KB in size)
        gcc (compiling a Fibonacci series calculator C program)
        astar (an implementation of the A* path finding algorithm)
        gnugo (an AI code playing the Go board game)
        hmmer (profile hidden markov models used for sequence searching)
        sjeng (an AI code playing the Chess board game)
        grover (a quantum search algorithm ran over libquantum simulator)
        jm-h264ref (the reference implementation of the h.264 video encoder)
        omnetpp (a discrete event simulator used in a closed queueing net)
        xalan (an XSLT tool converting a sample XML file to an HTML output)
      This commit incorporates changes upto bc835fd commit of the twinner
      project git repo.
      Behnam Momeni authored
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